Lotus Flower Love

Lotus Flower Love

"Never funnel love into social standards. It make you miserable."-Benjamin Let me tell you a secret...well, a not so well kept secret, or maybe very well kept. So well kept that it literally lives inside of you. I stumbled across it last night at exactly 11:35 PM, while staring heartbreak in the face. Strange how [...]

You can be right, or you can have love…but if you want love…you must surrender.

"You have to keep breaking your heart, until it opens."-Rumi ____________________________________________ There will come a time in your life, maybe when you are very much alone, sitting in the calm stillness of your own suchness, that your heart will awaken. It wasn't by a lover, not by a friend, not by family, or child. These [...]

Fatima-New Work

Amina's screams could be heard for miles across the open sands of the desert. Sheikh Bajes, walked the tent like a tiger pacing on a chain. He was pensive; he wanted was to hold his wife's hand through this trial, something a man of his status could do if he chose in any circumstance, save [...]