Be a Good Story

“He has two guys he wants to set you up with, what do you want me to tell him?”

“Tell him they must love music and New Orleans…and like a bit of drama…I’ve been told I’m drama.”

MM chimed in, “Well Cyn, all good stories have drama.”

My heart melted a bit. This is why I adored my friends, because they knew me and loved me for it.

It was the best compliment I’ve ever received in my life, “you’re a good story.”

I believe each of us, are stories, and that’s why it’s rare I meet a person I don’t like. I’m a writer, a book worm, stories are who I am, they are what I love.

This was how I found peace with my own life. I stopped trying to change and accepted the fact, I’m sensitive, emotional, a bit dramatic from time to time, and my heart is big enough to hold the whole world. And I am not going to change.

Be a good story, whatever that is. Be you, do you, let people read and enjoy.

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