“Navy suit, cream shell, conservative, tailored, nothing offensive….they trained me well.” I commented, referring to my childhood upbringing. I was trained for these sorts of events at an early age, I could walk into any Republican gathering and easily pass for one of the sheep…little did they know.

“Where are you going?”

“Lunch with a senator…conservative senator at that, I’m not looking forward to it…but they trained me well…” I laughed.

“You even have the pearls.”

“Oh…but not just any pearls…as you can see, they a circled in gold, in an ever so slightly artistic pattern. But not enough to alarm anyone.”

As I walked out of Ann Taylor with my new suit, I couldn’t help but wonder. Why? Why did God plop me in the middle of the religious right, birth me into the bastion of conservative thought, me…the always out of place child. The child that always thought everything around me was rather wack, the church I went to, the rules, the way people of other faiths and races were looked down upon. Me, the woman who was more mystic tradition than any religious tradition, and thank God for it…I’d finally found peace and freedom. Yet, here I was still being asked to “present” something other than truly who I was to the world…or was I?

Maybe…this was exactly where I needed to be and exactly how I was supposed to be raised. Maybe, these circles needed a bit more bodhavista in them. And if I appeared as something that made them uncomfortable or they couldn’t understand, I wouldn’t be able to speak.

Maybe….my life wasn’t about me one bit…it was about something bigger. That bigger “thing beyond the thing”….and it was only recently that I started coming into the fullness and understanding of that.

“You are a Shepard,there are sheep and wolves, but you are a shepard, don’t forget that. See people for who they are and love them…which means…you let them evolve at their own rate. Or like a gardener, you plant the seeds, but you don’t water dead plants, and you don’t pull a plants roots down for it. You simply nourish the plants that have been put in your path.”

I thought about my latest teaching…and smiled.

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