An Elegant Ride

The ride was rollicking fun.

I wasn’t planning on it, but the minute I stepped into the barn, greeted by my crazy horsewomen in crime, I knew, it was a Valkyrie sort of night. Still in my work attire and suit jacket, sidestepping mud puddles and stall shavings, I tossed by black flats in trunk, stepped into my tall boots, saddled up the mare, and started off at a canter into the arena.

The rain kept all us riders in the indoor, the humidity was about 100 percent. I sweated and laughed trading horses with Elle, jumping on the little Halflinger with her pony gait and lack of steering. She had such a quick canter there was almost no way to sit it. I laughed so hard I almost fell off.

I was glad to get back on Madame Elegance my 16.2 mare with the lovely warm blood stride

Sometimes you don’t know how fabulous something is until you try something else. With all my mare Perdu’s quirks, she was an absolutely beautiful ride, we fit like a glove. This was are summer of jumping, I was ready and so was she.

With sweat dripping down my silk shirt, I hopped off my horse and pulled off my riding helmet. My hair was so wet it felt as if I had just showered. I must have looked quite the mess caked in dust and sweat and red faced smile.

Thirty minutes later it was back to the city for dinner with a friend while getting pinged by the latest New York Times article.

Town and country…my dream, as a little girl, now realized. I was living it. Being ones true self, is the best reward. And as I walked into the restaurant with barn glow on my skin, my hair still messy, I thought…

Elegance isn’t necessarily looking perfect, it’s owning who you are…muck boots and sweat and not letting anyone put you down for being…a good ride, quirks and all.

As I sat down to dinner, thinking of the things accomplished over the past several years, it hit me …

I had orchestrated by own rescue.

And the journey of my true life was just beginning….

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