Oh! How the Meadow Lark Doth Sing!

Across the the gray sky came such sunshine of a song that I stopped my walk, stood still and listened to the meadow lark. It is a trill of a song, speaking of light shining through morning grass wet with dew. It seemed to dissipate all gray. Its cadence so pure, it is how goodness sounds. This song from the tiniest of birds filled the soundscape with such joy.

It immediately took me back to my girlhood, lying in fields of tall grass listening to other meadowlarks on slow summer days.

I stayed and listened, deeply moved by the little birds song. The farmers market was closing up down the street, my wares from the market, canvas tote filled with homemade jam, croissants, local humanely processed meat. Neighbors passed and spoke with me, neighbors waiting to share dinner with me. I completed a good run and a good day…gray skies and all.

And …

Oh! Oh how the meadow lark doth sing!!

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