Seven Shades of Interesting

I stopped mid swipe of the cleaning rag, looked up and stared. There was my side saddle, on top of my French toile chest, with my favorite Allan Lokos quote, and books.

It hit me, 7 shades of interesting. I don’t know how many women have this sort of set up in their home. A functional, recently ridden in side saddle.

I expanded my gaze to the new dog bowl ready for Dahlia, our new dark brindle Greyhound to arrive on Tuesday, the cats lazily lounging on the chaise, the French doors wide to the gorgeous golden evening, books seemed to creep everywhere like ivy, and a fresh candle burning, reflecting light from my reiki stones.

The energy was generous and loving; I felt the house open its arms up around me even more. My whimsical part of the Universe that is just so…well…me.

Finally…I was me again! I know, strange right? It only took me 39.5 years to get comfortable in my own skin.

There are a several things that happen when you get to this place.

  1. You don’t put up with other peoples bullshit. That’s right, those flaking types, that you even yourself once were. Nope…no time for that. You either like 7 shades of interesting or you don’t. Doesn’t mean your a bad person, just means you don’t like women who occasionally put on a corset because its way more comfortable than a bra. You find the menagerie of animals rather fun, particularly when you are eating chicken dinner on the deck, and 3 chickens cluck by down below. You may find that reading quietly while sipping tea is the actually true state of being in a house that actually has a name, The House of the Magnolia Tree. You may indeed find women who cannot be boxed or tamed into simply one thing; rather, we go by many titles, mother, writer, equestrian, VP, business woman, reader, patroness, spiritual seeker, peacemaker, counselor, mystic, enchantress, professor, lover of life to name a few. That list is still growing and why the heck not…we are all 7 shades of interesting, most of us just fall asleep to it, or God forbid are told…we can’t be.
  2. You get sick of your own bullshit. The repeat patterns, the oh so lovely way we lie to ourselves, our insecurities, our fears. We begin to accept life on life’s terms. We stop arguing with it. We push less. Or we catch ourselves when we are. We learn to simply…Be. We see our egos, and suddenly aren’t attracted to the same things that once seemed to glitter gold. We realize fools gold when we see it now. We are less fooled by many things.
  3. We realize, we are incredibly good…even when we are not so good. We forgive ourselves, we forgive others, and we don’t cling. We allow…and watch…and observe. We observe other people, we observes ourselves, we seek…peace above all things.

I hope you realize that you too are 7 shades of interesting. That if you are able to step out of the grocery line for a moment, put the People magazine down with whatever star is on the cover, that you are actually are a star, you and all your 7 shades yet to explore.

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