“Banished Immortals were thought to be divine beings who had been cast out of a celestial paradise, in order to live out one human incarnation here on earth. Because they have a memory of what heaven was like, Banished Immortals are never really at home here on our planet, where there is so much suffering and difficulty. As a result, they always feel alien and out of place, and they often become addicts, or artists, or healers — or all three. Banished Immortals just keep trying to find, or create, or disappear into, a sense of heaven here on earth — because they remember what existence is supposed to feel like, and they know it isn’t supposed to hurt this much. “-Elizabeth Gilbert

Sometimes in life, I’m told, you have to let things go.  Control, Alt, Delete, start fresh.  That’s easy to do with jobs and homes…but with people, hmmm…a much harder task.  Through the contemplation of deleting the Red Lotus Room, I remembered something…what my own quest in life was…that was to grow and evolve.  I even went so far to create a new blog, but it just didn’t feel quite right.  The Lotus Room, like the lotus flower, can die and bloom again.  We also can, we can grow and evolve and change.

I hope the Lotus Room because an inspiration for growth and exploration of the souls journey to becoming.  And that process like art is messy, fraught with a thousand deaths and resurrections.