Dream Journal

Getting clear on ones goals is essential to meeting them. I’m a big proponent of vision boarding. This is my vision board, I figured instead of writing it every day, I’d just let it live here. I’ll add pictures as I find them…but this…this is what I plan to achieve…this is what I dream about.

Award winning author

Expert in my field
Home in New Orleans French Quarter (winters)

Poet’s Home in OTR (summers spring and fall)_

My own bookstore, coffee shop, art space, maybe on the first floor of the poets house. Every morning I could be greeted by books, coffee, and friends…book friends…all people who like books are my friend in my opinion.

Madeira home kept for visiting family and friends.
Professor of Leadership Studies
Family of artsy creative types.

Partnered with my soulmate…and practice the type of magic found in deep love.

Travel…travel for inspiration for my writing, once a year…with a man I love…and who loves me.

Red Lotus Room House Concerts

Own a horse that races. One that races in the Keeneland fall meet. Just once or twice, then I’ll take it back to my barn and spoil it rotten.

Man to crawl into bed with and snuggle up next to at 12:10 AM after I’ve been answering work email all evening. Just snuggle and sigh and thank God he’s there…sleeping.

You know…I have to believe that the man who loves me, would want to be a part of all of these things too. This isn’t just a dream, it’s my life.