“In The Pursuit of Beauty”

The concert was a perfect mid week interlude.  Cello played with passionate perfection and my dear music minion friends to converse with.  When I got home, I opened up my email and was greeted to missivethat made me grin ear to ear.

It was titled, “In the Pursuit of Beauty” with a list of 5 major musical and literary events to attend in the next two months.  And there it was… DP had purchased me Neil Gaiman tickets without even asking.  I almost cried.

I had been so upset that I could not get tickets; yet, DP…thought ahead, to purchase tickets for me without asking….for just about everything I would ever want to attend over the next 60 days.  Kindness, thoughtfulness, what wasn’t to love.

He also gave me my new mantra, if anyone asks what I am up to these days, I will just say…

“I’m in the pursuit of beauty” and leave it at that.

In the pursuit of beauty through art and acts of thoughtfulness and kindness.  I am fortunate to have such a person in my life as DP to teach me through his own actions.