Day at the Dutch Door

Olive sat by the closed door in a chair made of cherry wood. It was old cherry wood, from the old cherry tree that had stood tall for what was sure to be some 500 years, or so her ma' said. She sat, cross legged widdling birch, a boy way to pass the time, but [...]

Simple Blue Green

Simple Blue Green

The bread was beautiful, expertly crafted by artisan baker. A gruff man with the beard and crows eye. The kind of dark eye that dares you to ask a stupid question about his creations. "Do you have croissants?" "No I'm out." I could almost hear his mind go, "Duh, do you see any here? I'm [...]

Be a Good Story

"He has two guys he wants to set you up with, what do you want me to tell him?" "Tell him they must love music and New Orleans...and like a bit of drama...I've been told I'm drama." MM chimed in, "Well Cyn, all good stories have drama." My heart melted a bit. This is why [...]

Lotus Flower Love

Lotus Flower Love

"Never funnel love into social standards. It make you miserable."-Benjamin Let me tell you a secret...well, a not so well kept secret, or maybe very well kept. So well kept that it literally lives inside of you. I stumbled across it last night at exactly 11:35 PM, while staring heartbreak in the face. Strange how [...]

You can be right, or you can have love…but if you want love…you must surrender.

"You have to keep breaking your heart, until it opens."-Rumi ____________________________________________ There will come a time in your life, maybe when you are very much alone, sitting in the calm stillness of your own suchness, that your heart will awaken. It wasn't by a lover, not by a friend, not by family, or child. These [...]

Fatima-New Work

Amina's screams could be heard for miles across the open sands of the desert. Sheikh Bajes, walked the tent like a tiger pacing on a chain. He was pensive; he wanted was to hold his wife's hand through this trial, something a man of his status could do if he chose in any circumstance, save [...]