Spiritual Stripper

Spiritual Stripper

"I think your spiritual stripper name is Katharsis." I about snorted my seltzer water out through my nose. My spiritual director was a hoot, we always found something inappropriately hilarious in serious soul growing conversations. But I should start with how this whole conversation happened and that would be my cat Schumann peeing on a [...]


"Navy suit, cream shell, conservative, tailored, nothing offensive....they trained me well." I commented, referring to my childhood upbringing. I was trained for these sorts of events at an early age, I could walk into any Republican gathering and easily pass for one of the sheep...little did they know. "Where are you going?" "Lunch with a [...]

The Gorgeous of Gone Wrong

The day was 9 am and already gone wrong. Late night submitting queries made for a late morning,tired, the cat peed on the carpet, the dishes were dirty, the clothing un ironed. It was running to grab coffee food, hop into the car, text did you send that email ...no....driving, Gray stormy skies...months of it [...]

A Whole New World

I walk into a Disney movie, I always walk out on a sniffling tear stained crying jag, with my heart on my sleeve. They melt me. Put me in a Disney remake with my 9 year old daughter, count me done. Any hard armor I may have sported for the day, melts like Graeters on [...]

Day at the Dutch Door

Olive sat by the closed door in a chair made of cherry wood. It was old cherry wood, from the old cherry tree that had stood tall for what was sure to be some 500 years, or so her ma' said. She sat, cross legged widdling birch, a boy way to pass the time, but [...]

Simple Blue Green

Simple Blue Green

The bread was beautiful, expertly crafted by artisan baker. A gruff man with the beard and crows eye. The kind of dark eye that dares you to ask a stupid question about his creations. "Do you have croissants?" "No I'm out." I could almost hear his mind go, "Duh, do you see any here? I'm [...]